Saturday, December 6, 2008


Explore the historical homes in the coastal city of Wilmington, NC today and tomorrow. The Latimer House on 3rd Street is where you can buy tickets for this tour called - Old Wilmington by Candlelight - Silver Bells and Oyster Shells, A Carolina Christmas by the Sea. If you go to the Latimer House website all the houses on the tour are shown with their addresses. You can buy tickets at the locations show on their website or at Latimer House. Tickets are $ 30 today and tickets can also be used tomorrow. These homes dating back to early 1800 have significance in Wilmington as they were the residences of ship captains and merchants and built in the style of the day. There are even slave homes to view. Queen Anne style homes, Craftsman style and tudor style homes are represented on the tour. The tour is today 4-8 and tomorrow 2-6. It will be a great opportunity to take in the significant historical sites of Old Wilmington. The Latimer website address is to idenify homes on the tour and buy tickets.

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