Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on AIR FORCE ONE MUSEUM in Wilmington NC

The Air Force One Museum got one step closer to reality for Wilmington this past week with approval by the Wilmington City Council. It was a unanimous vote to approve the $ 30 million project to be possibly built in Wilmington on the corner of Kerr Ave and Randall Parkway. It is a private project that will be funded by fundraising efforts of a group of volunteers headed by Howie Franklin, a local resident. He also is on the board of the search committee. Mr. Franklin previously served 5 presidents as their coordinator for all flights and details for each activity planned for Air Force One. Due to his experience Mr. Franklin was selected for this committee. Other locations, besides Wilmington are also being considered. It has not been discussed here if the other locations have a better shot at this museum than Wilmington. Air Force One regularly practices landings and take-offs at Wilmington Airport. It is anticipated that the museum will be a huge tourist attraction and destination location . The building it is anticipated is to be in the shape of a mini White House. This has some area architects thinking that it is somewhat tacky to build this museum in the shape of the White House when this is a perfect chance for innovation. I hope the committe will look at other building styles instead of a take-off on the white house and give the local architectural talent a chance to show their stuff. Design something that this authentically American museum can show off. A very innovative exciting design will draw people also to see the building. Build something that will make people want to come to the museum to see not only what is in it but what is on the outside too.

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