Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Burgaw Establishing Historical District in Downtown

Burgaw is taking the first steps to establishing a Historical District in its downtown. A meeting was held to discuss in the fall of 2008 what living in a historical district can mean to homeowners. The city staff organized this and had members of the Wilmington Historical committee provide information about historical districts. The group stated the area can be as controlled as little or as much as the inhabitants can agree to. They shared that a committee could be formed to determine acceptable standards and review any changes owners would be interested in making to existing homes. This is what is currently done in Wilmington. Such changes as paint color or additions are approved by the Historical building committee. There were no conclusions drawn about how tightly the area would be controlled however the zoning of the area is controlled by the city and it is doubtful that any changes to zoning in this area would be approved. It is just an approach by the city to recognize the area for what it is - a historical district and attempt to keep the integrity of the area intact. The home pictured was built in 1900 and is the trainmasters former home. The train station is just down the street and has just been restored with a federal grant. Lots of area events are held there. Burgaw wants to maintain its rural town quaintness. The town wants owners to buy plaques for the houses. The pictured house was the Kornegay house built in 1900.
I think this will encourage homeowners to take care of their homes for future generations but preserve the area as properties that will contribute to the overall success and prosperity of its city.

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