Friday, April 3, 2009

Sailing Ship to Remain in Wilmington, NC until April 10

This huge sailing ship is docked at the foot of Market Street on the Cape Fear River. It has been docked here for over a month. It was hand made 20 years ago and is a sight to see. With its huge masts and very thick mahogony rails it is amazing to see such handiwork. If you are in town during the Azalea Festival this weekend it is a worth a look. You can walk the gangplank and enter the ship and take a tour. See the old fashioned bed on the aft end and see the incredible mast system on the port side. The handiwork on the boat is incredible. The crew is a religious sect - some family members that work the ship together. They are a communal group where the work, food and living quarters are all shared. It is certainly worth a look. The ship is expected to be docked in Wilmington through the Azalea Fest and until April 10, 2009.

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