Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Don't have a pumpkin, yet? Well there are plenty of places in Wilmington to find a pumpkin. Some are :

Wesley Memorial Church on S. College Road - have a multitude of pumpkins for pumpkins lookers of all ages. Some are even decorated for you...

On Market St or HWY 17 in Porters Neck there is a vendor on the right side of the road selling pumpkins. The folks selling pumpkins even are staying in a trailer in the parking lot. So you probably can get a pumpkin anytime if you want one. Pumpkins are even available for $ 5.00. I got one for $5.00 and there was a great selection in that price range. Don't let price stop you from getting a pumpkin.

In Scotts Hill there is a farm stand selling pumpkins.

Also on lower Market Street the PORT CITY Farm stand has pumpkins. Also I think there are pumpkins on the farm stands on Oleander and the one in Oleander Oaks. So all over Wilmington - you can find a pumpkin...for a very affordable price.

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