Tuesday, February 8, 2011


These gorgeous old specimens are part of a downtown Wilmington area known as the Historic area. This area comprises many city square blocks with old historic homes. Many are very well maintained and have been lovingly cared for and updated through the years. The yellow house pictured was the scene of the movie CAPE FEAR which was almost entirely filmed on its porch. These grand ole dames are well sought after for filming and tv shows as they have great film potential. One of the B& B's on 7 th street had a room where Oprah picked the wall paper. Kinda of an odd bit of nostalgia but true according to these owners. If you interested in the purchase of these older homes you be aware of old construction, electrical wiring, etc. You need to conform to guidelines established for any renovation on these old beauties set forth by the Wilmington Historical Society. You must adhere to their rules for house color selection, window design and almost any kind of renovation that you plan to make to houses in this designated area. These houses tend to beautiful but are very costly to maintain. They are well recognized in the community by their use in the Azalean Historical home tour, Historical Wilmington candlelight home tour, secret garden tourand Kitchen tour. These old ladies are very grand but are very large by todays standards and many represent craftsmanship rarely available today.

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