Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wilmington NC 64th Azalea Festival - Top 5 Events

The Azalea Festival has been named one of the top 20 events in the South. The weather is usually warm, the flowers are usually showy and the belles are beautiful. But you must know which are the best events to attend. As a 10 year attendee (this formerly Yankee) has taken the guess work out of the best of the Azalea Festival. Yes the Top 5 Azalea Festival Events to take place during this weeks 64th annual Azalea Festival are:

The Gardens - A must see they are the some of the most gorgeous gardens you will see. Water gardens and fountains, little rooms, walking paths - it all here.

This is the best of the best. For $ 20 you can get a whole day of gorgeous views out of this event.

The Parade - is a very fun event as it is very long and everyone in the area is in it - marching bands, floats with millions of princesses, clowns and even Queens.

The Street Fair is huge with music, great food and lots of vendors. Lots of greasy fried fattening food you might not eat all year long is here. Great fun...

The Circus - takes place at the airport but is a great 2 hour show with animals including elephants, aerial shows and all kinds of stunts.

The Historical House tour - here you can see why people want to live in the Historical District with its shady walks, big porches and close walk to the river and the downtown venues.

Its all waiting for you this weekend in Wilmington NC.. Don't miss out on this great event...

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