Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jacksonville NC Set to Explode in Population

Did you know that Jacksonville NC is set to explode in population? Camp Lejeune is expected to grow by 10000 people within the next 4 years. If you include family members the town could grow by as much as 40000 people in the next 4-6 years. Many of this increase in population is due to the US Marines moving troops from closed bases all over the country. This does not even take into account the numbers of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan according to media reports. Pender county is already experiencing this growth. It is finding increased traffic and the schools are quickly filling up. The middle schools are really affected according to county officials. There are bills being proposed in the state legislature to support and bolster the infrastructure in the area to accommodate this growth but it not a sure thing these bills will pass due to the current economic climate.
Word has it that real estate is being snapped in these areas also. At least one area is booming in this otherwise tough economy.

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