Thursday, November 6, 2008


The city of Wilmington, NC has agreed to contribute $ 7 million towards a huge north end Riverfront project. The city council passed this resolution November 5, Wednesday night to assist in extending the Riverwalk to this project and with installation of some of the infrastuture and help with the riverfront bulkhead of this project. This is a $750 million project of over 200 buildings scheduled to be constructed within the next 20 years. It will consist of a marina, commercial, retail and condos all just north of the new Wilmington convention center. Funding is also scheduled to assist in extending our famous RIVERWALK to the north of the city just along this new project. Visitors and city dwellers alike enjoy this attractive city feature.
This is another exciting new project to be undertaken on the riverfront in Wilmington. Recently in October another project was approved by the Wilmington City Council of another riverfront condo complex on the southern end of the city of over 100 condos included in this mixed use project. These 2 projects will define the skyline and riverfront elevations of our fine city.

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