Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monkey Junction Merchant - MODERN CLEANERS

This is my client and friend, Linda of Modern Cleaners. She was one of the 1st people I met when I started my real estate career 9 years ago. She had started and opened her 1st dry cleaners in the Monkey Junction area of Wilmington NC. It is called Monkey Junction since a gas station in the middle of a busy intersection had monkeys in cages to attract people and sales. It was very popular with kids and families who used to stop and pet the monkeys. The name has since stuck although the monkeys are long gone and there is now a Burger King in its place.
Linda however is still there. A former South Korean transplant she has most of her family in NYC which she generously supports and employs a large group of Hispanic people in her dry cleaners. She attracts business by offering very low prices for mens shirts - $.99/shirts and offers low prices to policemen for their uniforms among other specials.
She is physically challenged with very bad rheumatoid arthritis but this never stops her from showing up for work, being kind to her customers and employees and providing excellent customer service. She also employs about 20 people - some of whom may have found it very hard to find jobs. She really does care about her employees and sends them to doctors which she pays and helps them if they are in trouble and need money.
I have been her realtor also in the past as I sold a commercial food business that she had and she just wanted to move on from that venture.
She is never afraid to try something new and her courageous attitude is just amazing. She always is looking out to better her business. She opens branches all over the city to try certain areas - to see if they will succeed. When they do she keeps them - if they don't see closes them. She really is a great example of the great American entrepreneurial spirit - that I can do anything. Nothing will prevent my friend Linda from succeeding... She has made her own way...

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