Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nations Next Top Model Home coming to Conclusion

Nations Next Top Model Home - set in the Brunswick county's new subdivison - Compass Pointe is coming to a conclusion. Tomorrow night the 7 designers from all over the country will put down their paintbrushes to signal completion of their home designing competition. The designers were recruited to design a new model home at Compass Pointe. Each was given a budget of $ 5000. and had to paint, and purchase furniture and accessories to decorate their floorplan. The progress of the designers was videoed on a blog each Monday night. There were competitions for who was to pick their favorite house to design. Each designer also blogged about what kind of projects they were working on in the house.
These homes will be available on Saturday and Sunday at Compass Pointe for people to view. Then people will be allowed to vote on their favorite home and decorator. The winning decorator will win $ 25,000. The Compass Pointe subdivison is 10 miles south of Wilmington on 74/76 in Brunswick County. Can't wait to see their final designs. Hope to see you there...

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