Sunday, August 23, 2009

Series: Part 2 - Types of Beach Properties for Sale in Southeastern NC - Timeshare

The appeal of the beach beckons in the summer as a good part of the nation hits the road to visit their favorite beach for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Their are many different types of properties to choose from and one is the Timeshare. The picture is of a timeshare currently on the market at Wrightsville Beach for $ 159,000, for 5 weeks per year use. This is generally a property that is shared between several members and the time for use is distributed among the owners during the year.

This is attractive to many people but like everything has its pros and cons:


Share owner is assured of his or her weeks throughout the year.

Can probably switch with other members to get the weeks they want.

Costs can be low for high end beach properties since they are shared among several members.

Generally no work to do as the Homeowners association dues cover all maintenance issues.


Dues are required and must be paid even if you do not use your weeks.

Not sure if everyone will respect the property as you do.

Could worry about deteriorating condition if the property is not adequately managed.

Dues could accelerate after first few years of ownership due to maintenance as beach properties close to the beach have high maintenance costs, along with high insurance rates.

May not be able to rent or lease out your property as you would a condo if that is specified in the HOA docs.

As you can see there are many properties that allow you to enjoy beach living. You just need to find the one that meets your comfort level...

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