Sunday, May 16, 2010


Does The Discount Discount Your Confidence?
I was driving away from a re-inspection today and I saw a little trailer with ladders and equipment attached.
Now that you have seen the view from my vantage point, let's take a look at the sign or billboard.
I know that successful marketing is often fueled by discounts, especially at department stores and super markets where we might get name brands at discount prices. Heck, even some local dentists advertise discounts and, early in my career, I used a few modest discount coupons. But when I see a 50% discount for services that require hard labor, that does not instill confidence or a desire in me to buy.
It could be wrong thinking on my part, but I worry that a person advertising a service at 50% off is cutting corners. We consumers like discounts but I think that many of us get nervous about committing to what seems to be way too good of a deal.
In my view, this discount ad does not make me want to buy. It has the opposite effect and it discounts my confidence in the service provider.
Steven L. Smith, Home Inspector.
Is it worth it to use a DISCOUNT REAL Estate BROKER where they put your house on the MLS for $ 200. or $ 350. with a menu of discounted services?
A house in my neighborhood had a discount broker for more than 6 months. Did the house sell? No. There may be a lot more to this story but if the owner was in a rush to move or downsize or take advantage of the tax incentive - they were the loser. They paid all those additional mortgage payments on a house they did not want and lost out on the $ 6500 tax incentive. What a waste of time. Consider a full service professional broker and don't waste your time and money...

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