Friday, May 14, 2010


Usually in the Springtime I plant both of my planters in front of my house with flowers but upon closer examination of my planters I saw a little clump of twigs. It was a tightly formed circle and inside were 5 little blue eggs. I couldn’t disturb this hardworking Mom so I just waited. It was easy to watch the goings on as I hid behind the window at my front door and watched the mother sitting on her soon to be brood undetected. I watched and waited and soon enough along came these tiny babies. They were scrawny and all bones. But in a matter of a few days feathers started to appear. They were there 8 days growing, with mom coming in with food and tending to the babies. Then one day one jumped out and started moving around the planter. I must have missed the flying lessons because the very next day the nest was empty. They had flown the coop. But these chickadee babies survived and are now flying around my yard enjoying this gorgeous spring day. Thanks for the Treat Mother Nature!!!

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